Custom Design for this San Marcos Sanctuary

Repetition in design makes for an expansive experience in this San Marcos mountain overlook home. Bruce and his team of drapery artists helped homeowners with sophisticated sensibilities choose fabrics and a style that would infuse

this vast space with a feeling of peace, and install window coverings that took nothing away from the gorgeous views.

We curated a few key pieces and added decor to create this serene space during this first phase. In Phase II we will be installing artworks on the walls.

Before: Beautiful scenes outside no matter which direction you look. We plan to combine form and function with blackout drapes that look light and airy in a palette that doesn’t distract from the incredible views.

Piano Room
Entertainment Room
Living Room 2

After: Clean lines, a subdued palette, and exquisite detailing make this mountaintop home a peaceful retreat from the bustle of San Diego.

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