Tips to Enhance your Decor

Below are a few tips and tricks to enhance the beauty of your home!

Try adding a throw blanket to your living room sofa. You can change the throw often to give your set a different look. Also perfect for snuggling up with a book!


Add personal touches like pictures of your family and pets. A house is not a home until you incorporate a little of yourself in it. Try a stylish picture frame or a home gallery!

Plants are also a good way to bring personality into your home. Add color with flowers or greenery. For those who do not have a green thumb, faux flowers are good options. Opt for the lifelike faux flowers, choosing the wrong artificial flowers can make your décor look dated and unpleasant. So make sure if you can’t get the real thing, get something that looks just like the real thing!


Wallpaper. There is such a thing as temporary wallpaper. Installation is a breeze and you do not have to commit to it for long term! Add some color and dimension to any room in your home.

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