How One Distinctive Piece Can Fix Any Room

From stools to decorative plants, every room deserves a good unique piece


At some point we may face this problem when decorating a house – the room is impeccable, yet something is missing. We have all the essentials in place plus the room looks stunning; however it’s simply missing its personal flare. Have you ever been to a friend’s house and spotted out that strange bright orange chair or purple ottoman? Your friend was probably thinking outside the box! Your room’s style or color may require you to stick to one standard of decorating, but this isn’t the only way to decorate. Like your friend, thinking outside the box provides your room with character and individuality. What’s better than standing out in the crowd? Below are some beneficial tips on how to use one or two pieces to make your room stand out like no other.


Bright and Primary Colors

Photo: Jonathan Charles Furniture

This may be obvious, but your room is not restricted to one color. If we can all agree that consistency is key, have you ever tried making a room consistently colorful? By keeping the colors primary (red, yellow, green, and blue), you don’t risk clashing the colors. This is one way to go. Another option is to buy or redecorate one or two pieces. Find a small piece such as a vase or painting that stands out and match it with a larger piece of furniture. For instance, you may have a beautiful turquoise vase that you like to show off…find a beautiful turquoise rug or chair to match it! Not only is the matching subtle, but the matching piece will compliment your beautiful turquoise vase and as a result make the room more attractive.




The Perfect Painting

Photo: John-Richard

Nothing stands out more than a unique painting. Finding an abstract or vibrant painting can change a room from mundane to magnificent in seconds. Finding the right painting can be simple – color matching can help, or find a painting that is so significantly abstract it matches with anything. Add a playful Andy Warhol pop-up piece or a charming Gustav Klimt-esque painting, or a painting that does an excellent job at absorbing the tones of any room.




Inherit a Stand-Out Piece or Buy One of Your Own

Photo: ART Home Furnishings



Still have that rustic armoire that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere or obnoxious grandfather clock that wakes you up at the crack of dawn every morning? Any piece that has a good story behind it or is passed down from generation to generation is an excellent way to personalize any room. Even if you don’t have an inherited piece of your own, buy something that looks antique or warn down to add a touch of benevolence to any room. Using that hand-me-down piece is also a great way to show your relatives you love ‘em when they stop by to say hi.




Decorative Plants Provide Colorful Undertones

Photo: John-Richard

Mixing in some greenery, from simple and to the point to an elaborate display provides verdant texture to any basic room. Adding another layer of design with plants provides life to an otherwise lifeless room surrounded by walls. Buy one large plant such as a bird-of-paradise or lots of small succulents. And if you don’t have the time to take care of a plant, several decorative fake plants are available to spruce up your room exactly how you want.





Now that you have the basics down on ways to add flare to your room, find that one special decoration /piece of furniture and experiment with colors. If decorating comes as second nature to you, then congrats! You are already a step ahead of everyone. Finding a stand-out piece for your room will both subtly call attention to it as well as give it a new dimension. Call your relatives and snag that retro lamp, or go out hunting for a signature piece of your own. Once you coordinate the piece (or pieces) with your room, it will make a world of difference.