10 Essentials for Every Living Room

Everyone knows the hassle of moving into a new place and having to create a new home atmosphere. Maybe you are redecorating and new ideas have formed in your mind or your confused on what steps to take. Well the Interior Designers at Divine Interiors are here to help!


We all have had the feeling of not knowing where to go or what to shop for when it comes to decor and furniture. We are going to make it easier and tell you the 10 Essentials you need to own to make your Living Room a hit with all your family and friends. It doesn’t matter what style you choose or where you get them, because these 10 pieces are sure to make your living room a success!





  1. Comfy Seating

    Nothing screams “terrible living room” more than uncomfortable seating. A living room is meant for gathering, sitting, snuggling, and more, so the type of seating you choose is very important. Pick something that is comfortable for you as well as something that is going to last the amount of traffic it sees.

  2. Coffee Table

    Even though a coffee table might not take priority in a living room, it is something, if forgotten, that effects the entire atmosphere of the space. A coffee table can accent the perfect center display. It is there for all your drinks and movie dinners and can even store decorations and items not in use at the time. Pick something that fits perfectly into your lifestyle and you won’t regret it.

  3. Accent Pillows

    Never forget accent pillows. Whether your sofa is already comfy (which it should be), people might need the extra back support or even a nice head rest. Pillows add extra color or patterns that can mesh with the style of the room. The more pillows the better!



  4. Rug

    A rug in any living room can provide color, texture, and warmth. Whether this be for your benefit or your friends, everyone will appreciate a hand picked rug that is inviting and soft.

  5. Lighting

    A little lighting can go a very long way. Sometimes the ceiling lights can provide too much lighting, or sometimes you don’t have enough, whatever the case some floor lamps or table lamps can really provide the right atmosphere in the living room.


  6. Drapes

    No window should be left behind! Window drapes can help accentuate the height of the room and create shade when needed from the sun. Drapes can provide a simple added element or a focal point, either way they are essential to the living space.

  7. Plants

    Plants are very versatile. They look great in any setting with all types of decor. You can choose vibrant green, natural plants or maybe a small bouquet of flowers. Whatever your preference may be nature is always a good thing to have.

  8. Candles

    Candles not only help make the space smell magnificent, but they also can make a living room more inviting, cozy, and intimate. On days where you just don’t want the use of electricity, light those bad boys up and enjoy the comfy living room you have designed.


  9. Art

    Art means many different things to different people. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with a piece you might like. Throw it up on the wall and let art speak for itself.

  10. Something Personal

    Finally, number 10.

    This could possibly be the most important essential item to a living room, after all, this is your living room. Display a nice picture of your family or friends or whatever you may have in mind, make that living room yours with a nice personal touch. Nothing says home like a little piece of you.